26 December, 2021

Strengthening engagement with International mechanisms

Strengthening engagement with International mechanism through support to the Government to submit its report to the Committee on the CMW. OHCHR also supports the UNCT and Civil Society coalitions to present alternative reports to the Committee on the ICESCR. OHCHR has supported the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Human Rights in the elaboration of the National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP).

OHCHR supports processes aimed at involvement of CSOs in the finalization and implementation of the NHRAP. OHCHR supports the Government, CSOs and the UNCT to participate in the UPR and treaty body processes. OHCHR also implements specific interventions aimed at disseminating relevant UPR and TB recommendations and strengthening the capacity of national actors to implement specific recommendations. OHCHR also engages with the Government with a view to encouraging visits of Special Procedures mandate holders.

OHCHR provides information, capacity building and technical support to CSOs on alternative reporting and submission of individual communications to Special Procedures.