26 December, 2021
Combating impunity

Strengthening Rule of Law and Accountability

Combating impunity through support to the Judicial Studies Institute (JSI) by developing a curriculum and training judges on the justiciability of Economic Social and Cultural (ESCR) rights. Judges now effectively adjudicate ESCR claims and issue meaningful remedies for ESCR violations.

OHCHR supported the launch of the Network of Public Interest Litigators (NETPIL) in Uganda, and also supported the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) to develop witness protection guidelines, and a review of the complaints’ mechanism. OHCHR has supported the International Crimes Division of the High Court of Uganda to revise its rules of procedure and evidence to include special measures for the protection and handling of victims and witnesses, especially Gender Based Violence (GVB) survivors and children.

OHCHR has also conducted training for the UPF, UPDF and Uganda Prisons Services (UPS) to integrate human rights protection in their operations. OHCHR has sustained its support towards implementation of the roadmap for the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture Act (PPTA) and recorded a decrease in complaints. OHCHR continues to support the Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) to strengthen its human rights mechanisms, offer technical assistance to the human rights violations documentation project and support the Conflict Documentation Project.

OHCHR continues to support the judiciary and CSOs in building their capacity to adjudicate and litigate ESCR claims, support JSI to roll out the ESCR curriculum to Magistrates, State Attorneys and ESCR experts as well as providing litigation support to legal networks.