23 March, 2023
Ms. Mariam Wangadya the UHRC Chairperson, Mr. Guillaume Chartrain the Deputy Ambassador, EU Delegation with members of civil society organizations planting a tree at Luzira Upper Prison on 10 October 2022

Luzira | 10 October 2022: The World Day Against the Death Penalty under the theme ‘Death penalty: A road paved with torture’ advocates for its abolition raising awareness of the conditions which affect prisoners with death sentences and the need to reconsider the use of the punishment of death in our criminal justice systems.

A solidarity visit to Luzira Upper Prison where inmates on death row reside was organised in collaboration with the Uganda Prisons Service, Penal Reform International, Uganda Human Rights Commission, European Union and the French Embassy in Uganda to commemorate world day for abolishing the death penalty in Uganda.

Mr. Guillaume Chartrain the Deputy Ambassador, European Union Delegation said that no criminal justice system in the world can safeguard an individual suspected or convicted of a crime from torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment, particularly when the punishment for that crime is the death penalty.

Ms. Kahbila Ulrike Mbuton, Human Rights Officer, UN Human Rights Office said that the links between the death penalty and torture have been highlighted by various human rights mechanisms including UN Special Rapporteurs.

“The belief that we should respect the inherent dignity and value of human life is the foundation of all human rights. The death penalty undermines human dignity and there isn’t conclusive evidence of its deterrent value,” Ms. Mbuton said.

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr. Johnson Omuhunde Rwashote Byabashaija (centre) with participants at the commemoration of the 20th World Day against the Death Penalty at Luzira Prison Upper on 10 October 2022

The solidarity visit to Luzira Upper Prison was attended by representatives from Civil Society Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Development Partners (12 females and 20 males).

In line with the office’s mandate to promote and protect all human rights, we will continue joining efforts to advocate for the universal abolition of the death penalty.