The OHCHR Library aims to provide comprehensive and efficient information and reference services to OHCHR partners, UN human rights mechanisms and experts, and OHCHR staff. The OHCHR Library serves the international community but is also open to interested professionals outside the Organization (see OHCHR Library access rules for more information).

The Library’s collections cover a wide range of human rights issues either in print or electronic format. The OHCHR Library, which also integrates a resource collection on human rights education and training, is linked with UN and other major libraries and research institutions around the world, providing users with on-line search and reference services.

The OHCHR Library offers access through an on-line catalogue to the documentary output to non-United Nations material and publications from the UN system relating to human rights. The references are to books, reports, journals and documents available in the OHCHR Library.

The OHCHR Library specializes in the field of human rights. We hope that our library collection and related electronic resources would help you locate the information you need.

Library Hours & Location

The OHCHR Library is located on the ground floor of G. Motta building, No. 48, in Room RS-01. The Library is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 17:00. On official holidays of the United Nations, as well as during the days between Christmas and New Year and the Fridays following Ascension and Jeûne Genevois the Library is closed.