26 December, 2021
Countering discrimination

Strengthening Equality and Countering discrimination

Countering Discrimination through strengthening of capacity and support to the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development (MGLSD), UPF, Civil Society networks dealing with women’s rights, including people living with albinism. OHCHR has supported the MGLSD in developing a multi-sectoral framework to report, and track Government’s implementation of international obligations and in preparing the mid-point CEDAW and CEDAW country report.

Civil Society networks have been supported to advocate for the implementation of CEDAW concluding observations. OHCHR prepares and supports legal analysis of laws and supports stakeholders to advocate for their non-adoption or amendment. OHCHR continues to focus on capacity building, technical assistance and monitoring of emblematic cases of discrimination.

OHCHR collaborates with national authorities especially the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to build their technical and functional capacity to enable them fulfil their primary mandate relating to countering discrimination, inequality and exclusion. OHCHR supports the EOC and the MGLSD in monitoring and reporting on Uganda’s implementation of CEDAW obligations.

OHCHR continues to work with the District Council on Persons with Disability and support CBOs and community leaders in advocacy efforts to raise awareness of discriminatory practices and laws and provide technical assistance to national institutions and CSOs through review and analysis of legislations and policies.