26 December, 2021
Human rights and development in the economic sphere

Human rights & development in the economic sphere

Human Rights and development in the Economic sphere through the integration of human rights in the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2016-2020 and the National Development Plan II (NDP II 2016-2017), OHCHR supported the development of a human rights compliant monitoring and evaluation matrix of the UNDAF plan and framework. OHCHR’s capacity building on Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) for officers of the National Planning Authority strengthened the capacity of sectors and local government planners and lower level planning frameworks.

Through OHCHR support, a human rights indicators tool was developed as part of the Local Government and sector planning guidelines to further guide the integration of human rights indicators in the Sector Investment Plan (SIP) and Local Government Development Plans (LGDP). The Moroto District Local Government HRBA Declaration was adopted as commitment to adopt HRBA as a planning tool.

OHCHR continues to provide technical support to Government, CSOs and UNCT on human rights issues emerging from the implementation of NDP II, UNDAF and other joint UN programmes. Another area OHCHR believes needs capacity building on HRBA is the Parliamentary Committees in order to strengthen application of human rights standards in their legislative work. OHCHR focus remains on strengthening the capacity of magistrates, judges and lawyers on the justiciability of ESCR through the provision of technical and other assistance on litigation of ESCR cases in national courts and the convening of judicial colloquia.

OHCHR offers support to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics to generate ESCR statistics to enhance better implementation of ESC rights. OHCHR continues its support to CSOs to monitor ESC rights, specifically business and human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health.