A ray of hope for people with disabilities in Uganda

In November 2017, OHCHR Uganda supported the Equal Opportunities Commission to generate a report which provides a systematic review of all legislation within Uganda assessed in line of with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRDP). The report analyzed the legal frameworks and showcased how Uganda still falls short of the international standards set forth by the CRPD, particularly in relation to respect, protection and responsibility to fulfill human rights and the fundamental freedoms of People with Disabilities. The report emphasized the engagement of Members of Parliament and Uganda Law Reform Commission, in order to ensure the enactment of the Person with Disabilities Bill in Uganda.

The basis of the intervention was factored on the number of People with Disabilities (PWDs) who remain a marginalized group within society. Different forms of legislations such as the rights guaranteed in the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and the CRPD have failed to protect PWDs from discrimination. Furthermore, legislations continue to use derogatory terms in reference to People with Disabilities. Despite the clear necessity for revisions, Uganda has still failed to enact a law that domesticates the CRPD.

In 2018, OHCHR will continue to support the Equal Opportunities Commission together with Uganda Law Reform Commission to develop a legislative reform strategy to ensure the passage of the 2017 People with Disabilities Bill currently tabled before Parliament.