International Albinism Awareness Day

Still Standing Strong - IAAD

IAAD is June 13th! How will you celebrate this year?

June 13, 2019, is quickly approaching. This year’s theme is “Still Standing Strong.”

This theme has been chosen to recognize, celebrate and encourage strength in persons with albinism. We also wish to recognize that despite all the past and ongoing challenges faced by persons with albinism (from stigma and discrimination around the world to discrimination in health and education and finally, attacks and violations), we are STILL STANDING STRONG!

There will continue to be celebrations throughout the world, large and small, shining a light on albinism. In previous years members of the NOAH community have organized classroom talks, meet-ups for dinner or lunch, awareness walks, and fashion shows. The possibilities are endless.

Proposed Activities

The following activities have emerged from consultations among OHCHR, Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC)and the organizations of People With Albinism:

  • 10 June – Launch of Albinism Week: 10 June will serve to raise awareness on the albinism condition, especially the health challenges. A press conference will be held at the Ministry of Health Headquarters [TBC] to officially launch the Albinism Week in the presence of authorities, People With Albinism and the media. Key speakers will include a representative from the Ministry of Health, the Executive Director of the Cancer Institute, representatives from the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and OHCHR. A week of free skin cancer screening for People With Albinism will be announced at the press conference in consultation with the Cancer Institute.
  • 11 June – Distribution of flyers: In order to increase the visibility of PWA and raise awareness among the general public, Flyers with key messages on albinism and an invitation to join the sporting event on 12 June will be distributed in the morning at five hotspots in Kampala[1] and two hotspots respectively in Jinja, Gulu and Mubende. People With Albinism will be mobilized in Kampala and fifteen in the regions to distribute the flyers. T-shirts with tailored messages will be procured for distribution at different events.
  • 12 June – Football match: A football match of mixed teams will be organized at Lugogo showground from 4 pm to 7 pm to promote inclusion and non-discrimination. T-shirts will be distributed to players and participants to the event. An exhibition of handicrafts from PWA and a blood donation will be organized alongside the match.
  • 13 June – Launch of the Situational Analysis Report: The IAAD will be marked and devoted to the launch of the Situational Analysis Report to advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights of PWA and the implementation of the recommendations of the report.  Representatives of MDAs, the diplomatic community, the UN family, CSOs, representatives of organizations of PWA and the media will be invited to the launch.

[1] Mulago roundabout, Queens Way roundabout, Nakulabye roundabout, Garden City roundabout and High Court roundabout.