Calendar Of Meetings and Events

Dialogue on Gender and Equity Assessment and Compliance

From: 13-04-2016 To:15-04-2016

Victoria Hotel Laico, Entebbe

Press Freedom Day

From: 03-05-2016 To:03-05-2016


World Environment Day

From: 16-06-2016 To:16-06-2016

World Refugee Day

From: 20-06-2016 To:20-06-2016

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

From: 25-06-2016 To:26-06-2016

Kampala - Uganda

World Population Day

From: 11-07-2016 To:11-05-2016

International Day of World's Indigenous People

From: 09-08-2016 To:09-08-2016

Various Media

World Humanitarian Day

From: 19-08-2016 To:19-08-2016

International Day of Democracy

From: 15-09-2016 To:15-09-2016

International Day of Peace

From: 21-09-2016 To:21-07-2016


Launch of Social Media Competition

From: 27-09-2016 To:20-10-2016

UN in Uganda - Media Campaign

From: 01-10-2016 To:31-10-2016

International Teacher’s Day

From: 04-10-2016 To:05-10-2016

Hotel Africana, Kampala.

Girl Child

From: 11-10-2016 To:11-10-2016

Bukwo - Eastern Uganda

Day of Natural Disaster Reduction

From: 13-10-2016 To:13-10-2016

Hunger Walk

From: 16-10-2016 To:16-10-2016

Lira - Uganda

World Food day

From: 16-10-2016 To:16-10-2016

World Food Day

From: 16-10-2016 To:16-10-2016

International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction

From: 17-10-2016 To:17-10-2016

Safe Motherhood Day

From: 17-10-2016 To:17-10-2016

Mukono District - Uganda

Development Partners Breakfast Meeting

From: 18-10-2016 To:18-10-2016


Public screening of Film on Northern Uganda

From: 20-10-2016 To:20-10-2016

Kampala - Serena

Modal UN General Assembly

From: 20-10-2016 To:22-10-2016


UN Day

From: 24-10-2016 To:24-10-2016


United Nations Day

From: 24-10-2016 To:24-10-2016

Kampala - Uganda

UN Day

From: 24-10-2016 To:24-10-2016

Wetlands Atlas

From: 25-10-2016 To:25-10-2016


Joint HIV/AIDS Programme

From: 25-10-2016 To:25-10-2016


Renovation of Special Needs School

From: 28-10-2016 To:29-10-2016


Human Rights Day

From: 06-12-2016 To:10-12-2016

Kampala - Uganda

Human Rights and SDGs

From: 12-05-2017 To:14-05-2017

Protea Hotel - Entebbe

Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

From: 19-03-2018 To:23-03-2018

Protea Hotel Entebbe

Stakeholder Consultations for ratification of the Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

From: 20-03-2018 To:26-04-2018

Mbale, Moroto, Arua, Mbarara, and Wakiso

UPR Process: Regional Workshop for English speaking African States

From: 23-04-2018 To:24-04-2018

Entebbe, Uganda

Press Freedom Day

From: 03-05-2018 To:03-05-2018


Advocacy on Witness Protection Bill

From: 08-05-2018 To:08-05-2018

Serena - Kampala Hotel by Invitation

International Day in Support for Victims of Torture

From: 26-06-2018 To:26-06-2018


World Population Day

From: 11-07-2018 To:11-07-2018


International Youth Day

From: 12-08-2018 To:12-08-2018

World Humanitarian Day

From: 19-08-2018 To:19-08-2018

International Day of Democracy

From: 15-09-2018 To:15-09-2018

International Day of Peace

From: 21-09-2018 To:21-09-2018

Day of Older Persons

From: 01-10-2018 To:01-10-2018

Independence Day - Uganda

From: 09-10-2018 To:09-10-2018

World Food Day

From: 16-10-2018 To:16-10-2018

United Nations Day

From: 24-10-2018 To:24-10-2018

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

From: 25-11-2018 To:10-12-2018


World AIDS Day

From: 01-12-2018 To:01-12-2018

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

From: 03-12-2018 To:03-12-2018

International Volunteer Day

From: 05-12-2018 To:05-12-2018

Human Rights Defenders' Day

From: 07-12-2018 To:09-12-2018

Human Rights Day and UDHR@70

From: 09-12-2018 To:10-12-2018

Railway Grounds, Kaunda Grounds, Camp Swahili

International Anti-Corruption Day

From: 09-12-2018 To:09-12-2018

World Cancer Day

From: 04-02-2019 To:04-02-2019


Launch of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Uganda - Report

From: 12-02-2019 To:13-02-2019

Lake Victoria Serena - Kigo